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Hyundai Motor introduces 'Enduro' lifestyle CUV concept at 2015 Seoul Motor Show

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Hyundai Motor introduces

Hyundai Motor is celebrating the world premiere of its all-new design concept, the 'Enduro' lifestyle urban crossover utility vehicle (CUV), at the 11th Seoul Motor Show.

The name ‘Enduro’ is derived from ‘Endurance.’ Also, Enduro visually  combines SUV looks with rally motorcycles which compete in the world’s  toughest rally events. The Enduro is designed as the perfect partner for individuals living in the modern city with energetic, athletic  lifestyles. By combining robust forms with bold styling, Enduro releases a sense of adventure and freedom for driver and passengers.

Enduro is ‘The Professional Gear’ for drivers wanting to escape from  the ordinary. It features a new interpretation of Hyundai’s design  signature hexagonal front grille, now with a lower center of gravity  creating a sense of stability. An aluminum aero blade connects the front fender to the grille, giving the Enduro a look of self-confidence.

Seen in profile, Enduro has the look of a crossover vehicle, with  raised ground clearance, SUV-style fender cladding and a dark grey  garnish to the lower parts of the car, which appear robust and  protective, while expressing mobility and agility. The C-pillars are  fitted with a unique aerodynamic air-blade to reduce drag and the  side-skirts incorporate step bars for easier loading / unloading of the  roof rack.

At the rear, the combination lamps form a continuous flow between the  C-pillar and the rear spoiler. Like the Enduro’s front fascia treatment, an aluminum bumper spoiler flows from the rear fender and rear bumper  creating a visual connection, as well as embracing the fog lamps.  Detailed attention to the shaping of the rear fender’s volume has  ensured the concept has an impressive road presence and a strong, stable stance.

Emotional, sensual and dynamic a cabin designed with passion

Inside Enduro, the cabin is styled with the same enthusiasm and  passion as the exterior. The Hyundai Advanced Design Team worked to  create an emotional concept that expresses sensuality and dynamism,  through organically interacting lines which generate an intensity that  coexists with toughness and sophistication.

The styling of the dashboard and center console feature the  eye-catching combination of horizontal and vertical elements, which  express sportiness, toughness and endurance. The Enduro’s cabin seems to wrap around the driver's seat in a manner that creates a dynamic  atmosphere, while underscoring the solidity of the vehicle’s structure.  Facing the driver, the instrument cluster concentrates a multitude of  information in an integrated display that minimizes distraction through  its driver-centric design.

Small details of the interior are exploited to reinforce the Enduro’s  sporty and upbeat image. Visual elements reminiscent of sports equipment are applied to those cabin components and surfaces which occupants  touch. The steering wheel design features the spoke and handle molding  of a road bike and the door handles have a lightweight cowl image of an  off-road bike. The design of the trunk turns it into a durable, flexible space, with versatile drawer-style compartments that can safely  accommodate a broad range of lifestyle sports equipment.

Advanced technology boosts safety and intuitive operation

While engineering the Enduro’s robust look and practical interior, the Hyundai Advanced Design Team also adopted advanced technologies to  enhance the driving experience.

Conventional door mirrors are replaced with side- and rear-view  cameras connected to a display in the overhead console. The cameras give the driver a fresh line of sight and a much wider field of view,  enabling drivers to quickly check the car’s perimeter and oncoming  traffic.

Inside the cabin, a new remote control offers dual operation linked to the integrated top / bottom menu display positions in the center stack. Using the ‘top knob’ mode, the control governs the infotainment menu,  while the ‘bottom knob’ mode controls the air-conditioning system,  heating and ventilation to give more intuitive and comfortable  operation. Air-conditioning is supplied to the rear seat occupants, and  the rear seat offers a variety of folding options to extend the luggage  space, delivering additional practicality and flexibility.

Hyundai HND-12 Enduro / Specification summary

Bodystyle 3-door hatchback CUV    
Accommodation  4-seater    
Length  4,271 mm Width 1,852 mm
Height 1,443 mm   Wheelbase    2,650 mm
Engine 2.0 T-GDI, turbocharged gasoline direct injection
Transmission 7-DCT, 7-speed dual clutch transmission




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