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New Peugeot Partner Van and Teepee: robust and technological, built for action

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New Peugeot Partner Van and Teepee: robust and technological, built for action

The new PEUGEOT Partner and Partner Tepee both benefit from changes in styling and technology. The assertive design of the front includes a new grille, similar to the brand's other models.

Their robustness, new modern and connected equipment, as well as a range of  more economical and powerful Euro 6 engines, make the new PEUGEOT  Partner and Partner Tepee even more appealing. In their BlueHDi 100  S&S (Stop & Start) versions, both have record low CO2 emissions in their segments of just 106 and 109g/km respectively.

Perfectly in tune with their time, they still do not forget the fundamental  reasons for their success: durability, flexibility and unequalled  modularity combined with benchmark loading capacity and a comfortable  cabin.

"Our objective with the new PEUGEOT Partner and  Partner Tepee is clearly to support the PSA Peugeot Citroën Group's  position as leader in the small van and leisure activity vehicle  segments in Europe, and to continue their development in overseas  markets." Maxime PICAT, PEUGEOT CEO.

"The PEUGEOT Partner and  Partner Tepee have a new look in 2015. New styling, engines and  equipment of the latest generation reinforce their appeal, which had  already made them benchmarks in their respective segment. They bring the levels of efficiency and modernity expected by customers." Richard Meyer, Commercial Vehicle Range Manager, PEUGEOT.

Assertive design and proven robustness

The design of the front of the new PEUGEOT Partner and Partner Tepee is a  mark of strength and expressiveness, continuing the revision of the  Light Commercial Van (LCV) range started in 2014 with the new PEUGEOT  Boxer.

Paced between the headlamps with redesigned outlines, the  new grille carries the PEUGEOT Lion at its centre. It dominates the  enveloping new bumper with taut lines, the whole effect giving the new  PEUGEOT Partner Van and Partner Tepee a more vertical appearance and  even greater perceived robustness.

New reinforced protection is  applied to the bumper surface, giving greater robustness to the front  and offering the advantage of being easily replaceable in the event of  scrape or minor impact. They house the front foglamps and the LED  daytime running lamps (DRLs - available according to trim level). The  light signature is emphasised by these DRLs, positioned low down at each end of the bumper.

Finally, all trim levels of the new PEUGEOT  Partner now benefit from the option of a dual exterior personalisation  offered through the Look Pack and the Full Look Pack. As for the new  PEUGEOT Partner Tepee, it presents styling that is richer with a painted front bumper from trim level 2, and more robust with a stylish black  front bumper, more resistant to knocks, on the Outdoor trim level.

Qualities and reliability vouched for by customers

The robust look of the new front end is an illustration of the intrinsic  qualities of the new PEUGEOT Partner and Partner Tepee, both of which  benefit from having been put to the test over nearly 20 years by  business users and families since the launch of the first generation.

In our surveys, PEUGEOT Partner Tepee customers welcome its spaciousness,  practicality in use and comfort, and express their satisfaction with the quality, robustness and finish of the bodywork and the cabin, as well  as the reliability of their vehicle. As for business customers, as well  as appreciating the load space and modularity of the PEUGEOT Partner  Van, they also indicate their satisfaction with the absence of faults,  lower running costs and the very good operational value for money.

Robustness put to the test

The robustness and reliability of the PEUGEOT Partner and Partner Tepee has been proven during the development of the vehicle. Some 5 million miles have been covered, representing intensive use in the hands of  customers, over the most severe conditions, including:

  • Running heavily loaded at high speed;
  • A  ‘torture' body and suspension test bed, reproducing road surfaces with the most challenging and damaging surfaces: cobblestone, potholes,  etc.;
  • Tests under sunlight at up to 85°C and under different  climatic conditions, alternating between cold and hot (-18°C to +45°C)  in a climatic chamber to test the resistance of components and  materials;
  • Anti-corrosion and sealing tests with vehicles traversing a ford and subjected to salt water spray.

These tests, combined with the experience gained of the vehicles in service  with private and business customers over 18 years, ensure that the new  PEUGEOT Partner and Partner Tepee have a high level of product quality.

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