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Kia Business Centre


WJ King Group Local Business Sales can assist you in choosing your Business Vehicles including Cars & Commercial Vehicles. Our dedicated Team can provide a full range of funding options and advice as well as arranging test drives on most models within our Group. Whether a Sole Trader, Small Local Business, Limited Company of Fleet Operator we are able to tailor vehicles and offers to your requirements.

We can provide flexible funding methods including:

  • Outright Purchase
  • Contract Hire
  • Business or Personal Leasing
  • Lease Purchase
  • Hire Purchase
  • Personal Contract Purchase

No Deal is too small for us!

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Running a business is not easy and finding time to manage your Company Vehicles can be a time consuming issue.

At WJ King Business Sales, we are able to offer guidance and advice on the best route for your business to manage your vehicles regardless of whether that is a single vehiucle operated by a Sole Trader or a number of vehicles operated by a Limited Company.

Why not take a look at our Business Offers  page to see some of the fantastic deals we currently have, tailored specifically for Business users.


Outright Purchase
You pay for the vehicle outright at the outset and the ownership immediately transfers to you.

Contract Hire
Business Contract Hire is an ideal product for companies who don't want the financial risk of running their own car and commercial vehicle fleets, and who are looking to reduce the administrative burden of buying, servicing and disposing of their vehicles.

Lease Purchase
Generally used by VAT registered businesses who do not wish to use their capital to buy a vehicle but do require ownership at the end of the agreement.

Personal Contract Hire
Personal Contract Hire offers many of the same benefits as Business Contract Hire for a private individual who would prefer to lease rather than own their car.

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For further information on all Business Sales requirements please contact:

Scott Whiteley on 07764 159325 or email