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Hyundai Affinity


Hyundai has a scheme for selected customer groups, known as Affinity Partners. Chosen by Hyundai Motor UK, these are generally businesses with 500+ employees, who with our assistance, enjoy discounts on models within the range.

The Hyundai Affinity scheme gives you, and your immediate family, access to exclusive deals across most vehicles in the Hyundai new car range - great savings available!

There are a number of ways you can qualify for the Affinity Scheme - for example; if you are a blue badge holder, a taxi driver or you are employed by an organisation that is signed up to the Scheme. Plus, if you are eligible, so are your immediate family members also!


  • Wife / Husband or Partner
  • Mother / Mother In-Law
  • Father / Father In-Law
  • Son / Son In-Law
  • Daughter / Daughter In-Law
  • Brother / Brother In-Law
  • Sister / Sister In-Law

The Affinity programme is for the use of current employees, retired employees drawing a pension or up to date members of an Hyundai Affinity partner companies / member organisations. Proof of employment, pension receipt or up to date membership will be required at the point of order.

There are almost 100 organisations & local companies signed up to the Affinity Scheme including:

  • ASDA
  • Driving Schools
  • G4S Group 4 Securicor
  • Hastings Hotels
  • IKEA
  • Marks & Spencer
  • NHS
  • Non NHS General Practitioners registered with General Medical Council
  • Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Services (NIFRS)
  • Norbrook Laboratories
  • Rayburn
  • Rentokil
  • Taxi Drivers
  • Vodafone
  • Wright Bus
  • Plus many more . . . .

The Hyundai Affinity Discount now includes all the 160,000+ Charities registered within the United Kingdom.


You and your family members can save up to 21% OFF a new Hyundai across the entire range through Hyundai Affinity Scheme.

Savings available on all Hyundai models:

  • i10 from £8,627 / Save up to £1,697
  • i20 from £11,625 / Save up to £2,676
  • ix20 from £13,688 / Save up to £2,105
  • i30 from £13,702 / Save up to £4,270
  • Kona from £15,160 / Save up to £2,752
  • i40 Saloon from £19,38 / Save up to £4,961
  • i40 Tourer from £19,410 / Save up to £5,180
  • Tucson from £19,761 / Save up to £3,068
  • Santa Fe from £28,337 / Save up to £5,576
  • Ioniq from £19,268 / Save uo to £2,505

Please note: Kona Iron Man, electric vehicles, Tucson N Line and Ioniq plug-in models and not available on the Hyundai Affinity Scheme.

To find out if you or your family qualify for the Affinity Scheme, or to request an Affinity quotation, please click the ENQUIRE NOW button at the top right of this page or conact WJ King Hyundai.