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iK-2 - Suzuki's new compact hatchback concept

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iK-2 - Suzuki

Making its global debut at the 85th Geneva Motor Show, Suzuki Motor Corporation reveals its new compact hatchback concept car, the iK-2. The iK-2, the smartest compact car, offers all the elements expected in a car of this size. Suzuki is well known as the compact car expert, having built up unrivalled know-how in developing compact cars from the Suzulight in the 1950s and the Alto in the 1970s, to our latest model line-up. In the iK-2 Suzuki takes the ideal of the compact car to a new level. The Liquid Flow design expresses the energetic movement of liquid, giving the car a classy, elegant, yet dynamic look.

The model  is built around a new-generation platform and comes equipped with the  BOOSTERJET engine, a new direct-injection turbo petrol unit. By adding  the production model based on this concept car to the line-up, Suzuki  will give drivers a much greater value of a compact car in which Suzuki  excels. The production model will also be available with SHVS mild  hybrid system and is to be released in Europe in early 2016.


The iK-2 is inspired by the concept of "Harmonised Force."  Harmonisation of optimised packaging by the compact car expertise,  pleasant driving experience by the latest technology, and a flowing  exterior design that beautifully wraps those shapes an ideal compact  car. It delivers a dynamic, efficient driving performance thanks to its  new-generation platform and BOOSTERJET engine. The exterior design,  featuring sweeping curves all over that blend smoothly into the whole,  exudes style and elegance. This is the smartest compact car packed with  utmost compact car value, impressively meeting the conflicting  requirements of a compact: design, utility, comfort, manoeuvrability,  driving performance, fuel efficiency.

Design features

The "Liquid Flow", suggestive of the dynamism of an energetic movement  of liquid with its low, wide silhouette, is inspired by three keywords:  "harmony," "elegance," and "energy wave." Instead of straight,  mechanical lines, the body sports flowing curves throughout the body  which perfectly create a harmony, conveying classy elegance.

  • Expressive character lines that begin at the front and sweep toward the rear create attractive highlights.
  • A series of chrome accents on the front grille and headlamps flow into the character lines on the side of the body, increasing the harmony of  the whole car.
  • An elegant, sporty profile: a cabin with sleek glass area mounted on a low, wide, flaring body.
  • A bold, avant-garde front fascia with a wide bumper grille and distinctive LED headlamps.
  • Muscular fenders confidently absorbing the flow of energy from the body, paired with a mechanical wheel design.
  • Sloping rear window to channel the flow of energy forward.
  • Lightning Silver body colour emphasises the shadows of the body with its curving lines and amplify its elegance and energy.

New environmental technologies

  • New-generation platform

Suzuki's new-generation platform is designed to efficiently increase  rigidity while reducing weight via a fundamental redesign of the  underbody's structure and also optimising overall vehicle design,  including parts mounted on the underbody. This improves fuel efficiency, safety, handling, stability, and NVH performance across the board.  Moreover, Suzuki will streamline development by consolidating its  existing four platforms to three and modularizing functional components. This will enable bringing out new cars in a more efficient way that can be tailored to fast-changing market demand.

  • The new BOOSTERJET 1.0 litre direct-injection turbo engine

The Boosterjet 1.0 litre direct-injection turbo engine newly developed  by Suzuki saves fuel while delivering driving pleasure. Fuel efficiency  has been improved by reducing engine displacement, and output and torque are boosted with a turbocharger. In addition to fulfilling fuel  efficiency and dynamic performance expectations, the layout has been  optimised and various technologies used to reduce weight in order to  meet the rigorous size and weight requirements specific to compact cars.


  • Overall length:                             4,023 mm
  • Overall width:                              1,920 mm
  • Overall height:                             1,450 mm
  • Wheelbase:                                  2,520 mm
  • Tyre size:                                      225/45R18
  • Engine:                                          1.0L BOOSTERJET engine
  • Platform:                                      New-generation platform
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