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SAMSUNG and SEAT - the perfect alliance to be always connected

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SAMSUNG and SEAT - the perfect alliance to be always connected

SAMSUNG and SEAT have signed an agreement to develop technological solutions to provide total connectivity across SEAT's range of models. The agreement will take shape in the coming months with the launch of a new SEAT model line-up equipped to keep the customer always connected, with new technological features to be extended gradually to the rest of the SEAT range.

Other agreement provisions enable SAMSUNG to supply SEAT with the basic software to develop its own car apps, to be managed from SAMSUNG handsets.

These vehicles will be equipped with MirrorLink technology and the car Infotainment system linking them to SAMSUNG devices through the apps developed by SEAT. MirrorLink is SEAT's answer to connectivity between the car and the smart device. Smartphone content is mirrored in the vehicle display in a safe way, with no distraction for the driver, who is afforded access to apps while keeping both eyes on the road.

The devices, the apps and the car infotainment system are the main elements of the MirrorLink based connectivity. Wearables can be added supporting further functions. This agreement with SAMSUNG covers all 75 markets in which SEAT vehicles are sold.

According to Rick Segal, Vice-President of Enterprise Business Team, IT & Mobile Communications Division at Samsung Electronics, "SAMSUNG is delighted to be announcing this agreement at the Mobile World Congress, particularly in Barcelona - SEAT's home town. The idea behind the agreement is to work together, joining the know-how of both brands, to develop on board safe technological solutions which simplify our customers' lives. The aim is to keep consumers always connected. We are expecting great things from this agreement with SEAT."

In the words of Jürgen Stackmann, SEAT Executive Committee Chairman, "In 2015 we fully entered the Internet of Things, with 6 billion things now connected to Internet. One of SEAT's main objectives is to meet emerging needs and SEAT customer expectations. To fulfil our commitment to our customers, we want to strengthen the competitiveness of the SEAT range. For us, SAMSUNG is the ideal partner in this new global challenge".

SAMSUNG and SEAT- the latest in-car integration of technology and future concepts

Both companies are attending the Mobile World Congress, the largest in the world, currently being held in SEAT's home, Barcelona.

The SAMSUNG Business Showcase stand in Hall 8.1 App Planet hosts a SEAT Leon   equipped with SAMSUNG smartphones available in a few months in the new SEAT range. The stand also showcases the future concepts on which both brands are working, while driving the car as well as remotely.

Visitors will be given hands-on experience by getting close up and personal with: 

/        How to select the car's ambient lighting, climatronic settings, favourite music and even a greeting message when you get in the car

/        Unlocking and locking the doors of your SEAT using a smartwatch

/        SEAT ConnectApp: The new SEAT ConnectApp offers efficiency, productivity (reading and writing emails) and fun while driving, for instance through interaction with vehicle data. It can even check your heartbeat as you experience the thrill of driving a SEAT

SEAT is the only company in its sector with the full-range capacity to design, develop, manufacture and market cars in Spain. A member of the Volkswagen Group, the multinational has its headquarters in Martorell (Barcelona), exporting more than 80% of its vehicles, and is present in 75 countries. In 2014 SEAT achieve worldwide sales of 390,500 units.

SEAT Group employs 14,000 professionals at its three production centres - Barcelona, El Prat de Llobregat and Martorell, where it manufactures the highly successful Ibiza and Leon, amongst other models. Additionally, the company produces the Alhambra in Palmela (Portugal), the Mii in Bratislava (Slovakia) and the Toledo in Mladá Boleslav (Czech Republic). 

The Spanish multinational also has a Technical Center, a ‘knowledge hub', bringing together 900 engineers whose goal is to be the driving force behind innovation for the number one industrial investor in R&D in Spain. In line with its declared commitment to environmental protection, SEAT undertakes and bases its core activity on sustainability, namely reduction of CO2 emissions, energy efficiency, as well as recycling and re-use of resources.

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