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Why use WJ King when buying your next company car?

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Why use WJ King when buying your next company car?

So why should you use a Vehicle Main Dealer instead of internet based companies when buying your next vehicle?

Our very own Mark Coles explains

"We offer the complete solution. We can sell you the vehicle, we can service the vehicle, we are here if you have questions or problems with the vehicle. You tend to find that once the internet company has sold you the vehicle your then on your own. They have their money and don't really care about you."

"At WJ King we offer you one point of contact, you can ring me at any point during the life cycle of the vehicle and I’m here to help. Try phoning the internet company and speak to the person who sold you the vehicle. If you do get through, you will get the standard response "not our problem go to the manufacturer or main dealer", no one wants that!"

"So you have started looking at the deal and it looks great so you ring up and then it starts, we need to add this to the price for, Admin Fees! Delivery Fees! Fees this for this and that? all of sudden it's working out at the same price as the Main Dealer. But without the back up."

"The other issue tends to come at the end of the contract with inflated Balloon / Final payments which don't match the actual vehicle value, meaning you are paying an inflated price for a vehicle that was never going to be worth that much."

"When you work all this back 9 times out of 10 you will be paying the same if not more for your vehicle than if you bought it from the Main Dealer."

"All I’m trying to say is give your Main Dealer a chance and look at the whole life cost of your vehicle when your buying your next company car or fleet. You might be pleasantly surprised."

Find out how we can help you with your company vehicles by calling Mark from our business team on 0208 3097788 or 07764 159325.

Or take a look at our current offers online

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